Um Bre La was an open invitation mobile choreography – a colourful moving shelter created with the humble umbrella. Together we paraded through Avondale creating an alternative mode of transportation that encouraged people to get out of their cars and onto the streets.

Saturday 29 June
Whau Arts Festival

Created by Melissa Laing and Christina Houghton. Photos by Jody Yawa McMilan

Melissa and Christina are two West Auckland artists who like to muck around on boats and go for creative walks. Christina Houghton has led Lilo Parades, Bush Bashes and neighbourhood look-sees around the Whau. She comes from a dance background and now creates performance artworks about the environment and how we experience it. Melissa Laing has rowed people all over the Whau river and had conversations about life while doing so. She has a background in the visual arts and is interested in the politics of social exchange.