Through film, archival material and sculpture Melissa Laing tells the story of a unique intersection of science, technology and social history in New Zealand.

26 October – 9 December, 2018, Corban Estate Art Centre
27 July – October 2019: Te Manawa, Museum of Art Science and Technology, Palmerston North

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Made possible with the support of Donna Christeller, John Christeller, Eu Jin Chua, Nevyn Hira, Daniel Kubler, Robyn Laing, Tim Laing, William Laing, Keith McNaughton, Lesley McNaughton, Robin Paulson, Ian Warrington, Cora-Allan Wickliffe, Tony Brown, Sarah Laing, Janet McAllister, Bruce Campbell, Richard Newcomb, Cara Norling, Guy Middlemiss, Andrew Wotton, Archives New Zealand, The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua, Central Agencies Shared Services, Plant and Food Research Rangahau Ahumāra Kai, Soar Print, Pumphouse Print, The Binding Studio.