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Published in Z/X #3, 2006, p 8 - 12, Art School Press, Auckland
1 . (Height) q. How can somebody be resident if they are outside? s. All entrants will be evaluated. i. Please have your passport and arrival card ready. r. The following evidence will be accepted: physical appearance, financial position, authentic documentation, verbal responses. c. Silica, sodium carbonate, calcium oxide.

2 . (Stretch: Length of body from left shoulder to right middle finger when arm is raised) q. What is behind that wall? s. The architectural design of an airport should evoke national character and utilise traditional cultural forms providing an iconic experience for the traveller. Additionally it should unify all functions under one roof, and incorporate the essential security features within its form. i. track left. r. People who do not meet the requirements for a permit will be referred on and may be refused entry. c. Polyamide, polypropylene, wool.

3 . (Bust: Length of torso from head to seat, taken when seated) q. Whose legs did they measure to determine the space between the economy class seats? s. I worry about what to say. i. move to your marker. r. All arrival and departure cards must be filled out by the passenger and signed. Failure to do so could result in the passenger being denied entry. c. Paper.

4 . (Length of head: Crown to forehead) q. The person behind you is watching you. Does this make them suspect or you? s. We are seeking forms of identification which cannot be falsified. i. When having your photo taken, relax all the muscles in your face to ensure you are expressionless. r. All facial features from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead and both sides of the face must be shown. c. Water.

5 . (Width of head: Temple to temple) q. Where are the people who are late to the boarding gate? Do you think they don’t hear the boarding call? s. The staff don’t like working at this desk, the light is poor and its is under the heating duct. i. Please have your passport and departure card ready. r. There is no appeal process for decisions made under regulations E3.2.4 and E.3.2.5 c. Draft paper.

6 . (Length of right ear) q. Do you look like your photo? s. Success depends on reading the regulations. i. Move forward. r. To determine individuality of an ear the following aspects of an ear must be described and measured:(a) three portions of the border of the ear (helix) and its degree of openness; (b) the contour, degree of adherence to the cheek and dimension of the ear lobe; (c) the inclination from horizontal, the profile, and the degree of reversion forwards of the antitragus; (d) the measurement and windings of both the ascending and the median "anthelix" called the "fold." c. Fibre optic cable.

7 . (Length of left middle finger) q. Where do you begin? s. Failure to comply with the responsibilities set out above or, provision of false or misleading information or, in any way committing an offence, may result in prosecution. i. Please comply with the regulations. r. This regulation applies to nationals from the following countries: (see appendix a) c. Trace elements.

8 . (Length of left cubit: Elbow to tip of middle finger) q. Do all airports buy their carpet from the same place? s. Your passport contains a contactless electronic chip. i. pan right r. All staff must wear their identity cards at all times. c. Disinfectant.

9 . (Width of cheeks) q. How much different must your face before the computer not to recognise you? s. The couple in the seats next to you spent a long time in the aeroplane bathroom. i. Please have your passport and arrival card ready. r. The sound identifier on the cart must be on at all times while in motion. c. Operating regulations.

10 . (Length of left foot) q. Am I repeating myself? s. The information collected will be held under the Official Information Act and may be released upon request to the following government agencies. i. Declare your status. r. All entrants must respond to the question. c. Sharp items confiscated at post three.

11 . (Length of left little finger.) q. Is immigrating an overly ambitious act? s. Improperly documented passengers will not be allowed to board. i. Stand behind the line, face the camera. r. Staff must undertake regular testing. c. Cardboard.

(q. Question, s. Statement, i. Instruction, r. Regulation, c. Content)  

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