divider  Reduction, 2015  divider  Daily Hansard, 2014  divider  The western shore, 2013, These undesirable immigrants, lunatics, people on these boats. we do not want these people to come - and I make no apology for it, 2013 divider   Newsland, 2013   divider  Drawings, 2012 - 13   divider  Commonly Occurring, 2012  divider  Manifestos for Thinking and Living, 2011  divider  a small metal pin, a piece of rubber, a section of metal pipe with securing nut, two red engine plugs and red ribbon, a reverse thruster hatch stopper bush, some down strapping, a signal horn, a piece of brake lining, a screwdriver, a broken omni directional threshold light, multiple bird, bat and turtle carcasses, a plastic water bottle, a block of wood, a beer can and a piece of paper. 2010  divider   Black Box (Flight Recorder & Cockpit Voice Recorder), 2009   divider  Is it bravery, 2008  divider  borderline, 2008 ending Time - performance - Taipei International Airport (28 Hours), San Francisco International Airport (32 Hours), Sydney International Airport (27 Hours), 2007  divider   Fields of Colour, 2007  divider  Do you know what you really want, 2007   divider  A Turbulent Mind, 2007   divider  Passport, 2006  divider Drawings, 2006  divider  Black Boxes, 2006  divider  What More Can I Say, 2006  divider  q.s.i.r.c, 2006  divider  Abject Apology : August 2001 : Performed by an Airline Attendant to Placate Air Rage, 2005  divider  Obsessing with the Surface, 2005  divider  Drawings, 2005  divider  Harbouring II by Tentline, 2004  divider   Atrium, 2004   divider  Shifted Rotating Door, 2003  divider   Maerkisches Museum, 2003   divider   Spreefahrt, 2003   divider  Harbouring I by Tentline, 2003  divider   Eurocontrol Sector AM_Coast_GEO 30 Jan Civil, 2002   divider   The City's Open Spaces, 2002   divider   Teil 6, 2002   divider   Dave's Teddy Beer Party, 2002   divider   Hong Kong International Airport, 2001   divider   Arrivals and Departures Schiphol International Airport , 2001  divider   Flagpoles, 2001   divider   O'Hare International Airport (1), 2001   divider   Barriers, 2001   divider   Waiting Room (3), 2001   divider   Shelter, 2000   divider   Onekawa Swimming Pool, 2000   divider   Soundshell, 2000   divider   Epic (2), 2000   divider   Epic/Episch, 2000   divider   Untitled, 2000   divider   Waiting Room 2, 2000   divider   Duesseldorf Bilk, 1999   divider   Sprachanlagen, 1999   divider   He regarded the elements of fiction as the cards in the pack. They were always all there. There was no surprise; solitaire always came out if you cheated. 1999   divider   Waiting Room   divider   From there I glanced back, 1999   divider   Subplot, 1998   divider   always a body : always a dame, 1998   divider   Untitled, 1997   divider   Complicity, 1997   divider

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